Nonprofit Center for Financial Empowerment Launches Free Virtual Information Series ‘Getting Through Life’s Firsts’ for Teens and Young Adults

The Center for Financial Empowerment (CFE), the nonprofit organization founded by SCE Credit Union, is launching a free virtual information series for teens and young adults that will guide and help participants navigate through many ” firsts ”of life. The live launch event will take place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, August 18 and will demystify the university application process to help students and parents feel more confident.

The college application process can be daunting with multiple lists of requirements, considerations, procedures, and deadlines. While this is difficult for any adult to deal with, it can be absolutely overwhelming for a 17-18 year old trying to navigate the complexities. CFE has partnered with several community organizations to form a guest panel, ranging from college admissions to financial aid experts, to explain the college process and answer any questions.

Panelists include: Eboni Hodge, M.Ed. of higher education, LLC; Rhea Watson, Ph.D. Scholarship Solutions; Diane Angulo of Fulfillment Fund; Charles Mason of Loyola Marymount University; and Maria Alvarez from UNITE LA

“Teens today understand that they need higher education for the next stage in their lives, but the process of getting there can be complicated and at times overwhelming,” said Abby Ulm, director of the Center for Financial Empowerment. “As a community resource, our goal with these virtual series is to provide insider tips, positive solutions and tools for young adults to walk away feeling more confident in their life journey. The series will include a wide range of topics important to inform and steer young adults in a positive direction. “

To register for the free live streaming event on August 18, click here.

About the Financial Empowerment Center
The Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to empowering young adults through financial education. It was founded by SCE Credit Union in 2005 when Credit Union felt compelled to provide a practical solution to the lack of personal finance training available to residents of the community. SCE Credit Union remains the Center’s closest partner and continues to invest generously in its mission of equipping young people in underserved communities with money management skills that allow them to be financially stable as they enter. adult life. More information can be found at

About SCE FCU (

SCE Credit Union was founded in 1952 and has over 60,000 members, $ 825 million in assets, four branches in Southern Nevada, six branches in Southern California, thousands of shared branches across states United and nearly 30,000 ATMs at no additional cost available for members. SCE FCU serves Southern Nevada and Southern California, with membership open to individuals and businesses, and is a non-profit entity committed to improving the financial well-being of the communities it serves, especially the people underserved by traditional financial institutions. With a strong commitment to volunteerism, team members donate hundreds of hours to local community causes each year. Additionally, the establishment of the Center for Financial Empowerment ( provides much needed financial education to high school and underserved schools in Southern Nevada and Southern California.


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