36% of workers in cooperative societies in the region are women.

Of the 2,123 jobs generated by the cooperatives of Lea Artibai and Busturialdea (763), 36% are women, according to the balancing carried out by a consortium of such industrial companies in the region. “After a few complicated years due to the pandemic that has wreaked havoc around the world, the economic data for fiscal year 2021 confirms their great impact on the region’s economy and social sector,” he said. .

Notably, the table is made up of companies such as Bardinola (Amorotto), Cicautxo (Beriatua), Eka and Fagor Araset, both based in Etxberia, as well as Kidd (Beriatua) and Maier (Guernica). The presence of the women’s group is also reflected in the number of female members who represent 30.5% of the total of 1,800, or 549.

On the other hand, R+D+i expenditure compared to sales during the previous year was around 11 million euros, while the total turnover was 513,785. more, about 25 million was invested in the production plants in the region. “The hours allocated to training, meanwhile, reached 24,201,” he said.

One of the most remarkable aspects is its internationalization. In fact, the industrial cooperatives of the table have 20 factories distributed between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and China, as well as in India, Mexico and Poland. To complete the list, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and India.

“Out of sales of more than 500 million euros last year, 87.26% were for export”, specify the same sources.

2,000 young people

By calibrating its economic impact on the environment, contracts for products and services worth more than 15 million euros from companies in both sectors, with another item of 1.4 for the COFIP endowment for economic development and social environment, stand out.

From the point of view of its roots, the important presence of Basque is also notable. 90% of employees know it. In fact, many of these companies have BIKAIN certifications and Loxeta and Abadia awards. “This is extremely important information for those organizations that have a strong commitment to language through their plans and commissions, as well as through the joint organization of language-related activities.”

Li Artibai activates a reintegration program for the unemployed

Another line of action to promote social change for both counties is the implementation of the Talentatu project, which mainly aims to create, attract and retain talent in the region and which involves more than 2,000 young people. 25 Lee Artibai and Center Basturialdia.

“It aims to promote STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) among schoolchildren, works on the sense of identity, informs students about the industrial fabric and exposes the professional profiles sought. done,” he said.

On the other hand, since the creation of Table in 2008, it has contributed to the creation of 61 new cooperatives in the region and both Durangaldia and Debbarena. 38 of them also received around 400,000 euros to finance their initial investment.

Virginia S. Braud