A Delhi-based organization will bring you closer to the career of your dreams

The number of Indian students opting for higher education abroad has increased by leaps and bounds every year. Current spending by students abroad is $ 24 billion, and is expected to reach $ 80 billion by 2024. The number of students aspiring to study abroad from India has risen to 770,000 in 2019, against 40,000 in 2016. On the other hand, the number increased from 37 million to 40 million at the national level, during the same period. However, many students want to study abroad but find it difficult to focus on their university, course, fees, or the country itself.

Take advantage of EDU, a Delhi-based organization, stepping in to alleviate complications at this point of utter confusion. The company was founded in 2017 by Akshay Chaturvedi to help every student realize their potential, regardless of their financial background or place of birth. The company allows young people to navigate their way, unleash their talents and improve their skills. Traditionally, the ideal path has been “admission to an international dream college”. Thus, Leverage Edu has chosen to help its clients to enter the international college of their choice, thus putting them on the path to realizing their potential.

The vision to leverage EDU

Talking to The logical IndianFounder Akshay Chaturvedi said, “A few things in my life have led me to start this business. My parents are from Tier 3 and Tier 4 towns, both located in Uttar Pradesh. My father moved to Delhi in 1978, and the biggest dream of their life was that I speak good English. So he would line up his scooter behind the school buses, and when a child got off the bus, he would try to talk to the child to figure out which school provided the best education in English. I realized that moving from a small town to a bigger city ultimately opens up many opportunities. When my friends in my hometown read things like Pan masala, I thought about entering a bee spell contest. “

Chaturvedi realized he was more privileged than many simply because of his parents’ choices. Second, while pursuing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Delhi, he joined the IECEC, the world’s largest youth organization, which helps students move from country to country to pursue studies. volunteering opportunities and internships. He worked there for three years, and people moving from place to place excited him. In 2014, when he attended the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, he was the director of the student council and helping organizations recruit students from outside India. The common clue, he realized, was to move from place to place, both nationally and internationally, opening up thousands of opportunities.

Chaturvedi tells The logical Indian“People are flocking to places that they think would best serve their talent. For example, if someone wants to become an automotive engineer, he would do better in Germany; for fashion, there is France, Scotland is among the best in winemaking. Likewise, someone would do very well in Switzerland or on the east coast of America for the culinary arts. People are becoming more mobile. To a large extent, most of the countries that experience influx of people prefer education-based migration, over skills-based migration, and this has helped us increase. “

The rapid increase in four and a half years

Levier Edu has been operating for over four years. In their first year, they helped 100 students, who followed up to 100 students in one month in a row. In their third year, they welcomed 100 students in one month, and they are now looking to help over 100 students in one day. Traditionally, the education sector was very opaque and did not easily let students talk to universities. Yet now they can meet with universities every weekend and figure out the right country and college for them, based on algorithms.

Talking to The logical Indiansaid Chaturvedi: “We focused our advice on employment because they realized that no one studies to get a certificate; they study to secure a decent job. Therefore, a large part of our customers contact us through word of mouth.

Speaking of the Padho India initiative, Chaturvedi said the idea came to him when he visited a restaurant in UK who said, “For every meal you have here, this restaurant will sponsor a meal in India. through a foundation. That when someone else is doing something in a completely different area, and they can help the children in India, we wanted to do something similar. So we started that for every student who applies to college across the world, we will educate a child in rural India. ”Lever

Padho India Initiative

As part of the Padho India initiative, Leverage Edu will sponsor a one-year education for a child (aged 5-13) with less means and privileges against each student who uses our service to study at a university in dream across the world. Using the company’s mobile app, customers, which include both students and their parents, will also track the progress of the child whose education they helped sponsor. The company also sets us a new mission as a team with this idea: to empower the dreams of a million children in India to build the right careers when they enter college.

Throughout the process, students are required to pay the organization a symbolic amount of Rs 1,000 to show that they are serious about investing their time and money in universities abroad. When a student arrives, the counseling team offers a free counseling session and if they intend to, they join the team. From there, a dedicated “coach” works with students to apply to colleges, obtain offers from universities, and make a 10 percent college fee deposit. The company helps students understand what is best for them.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian students wish to go study abroad but find it difficult to concentrate on college and therefore have to give up on their dreams. Leveraging the EDU provides a path to the goals.

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Virginia S. Braud