A new stroke support group meets monthly at Abrazo Central Campus

Abrazo Central Campus launches a monthly stroke support group, with meetings on the second Thursday of each month. The group meets from 2 to 4 p.m. in the classroom of the hospital’s acute rehabilitation unit.

Abrazo Central Campus, 2000 W. Bethany Home Road, is a certified Comprehensive Stroke Center, and the support group provides a welcoming place for stroke survivors and their families to talk about their experiences.

“Access to a caring support network is important in the recovery process for people affected by stroke. We are very pleased to provide the setting for monthly in-person support group meetings,” said Lisa Ziomek RN, Stroke Program Coordinator at Abrazo Central Campus.

Abrazo Central Campus has partnered with the Joe Niekro Foundation to launch its support group for patients and their family members affected by an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, brain aneurysm or AVM. The group provides a place to gather and share stories, offers helpful resources, and offers ongoing support to survivors and their families.

Every stroke survivor faces a unique set of physical and emotional challenges. And everyone does it in their own way. According to the American Stroke Association, support groups can help survivors and caregivers lead fulfilling lives after stroke.

RSVP to AbrazoHealth.com/events.

Virginia S. Braud