Baltimore organization mourns loss of young intern killed in Inner Harbor

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore organization working to uplift our city’s youth is now mourning the loss of their own.

Neal Mack, 17, was shot and killed in Inner Harbor over the weekend.

He was one of many people shot dead since Friday. A 17-year-old woman was injured in the same shooting as Mack.

In an Instagram social media post, the founder of the Tendea family in Baltimore described 17-year-old Neal Mack as a “leader” and a teenager with great “potential”.

Tendea Family founder Elijah Miles expressed his anger on social media after learning that Mack, one of the organization’s young interns, was shot dead in Inner Harbor on Saturday.

Baltimore police said it happened around 7:30 p.m.

Miles said Mack will not die in vain, with the organization recommitting to providing more resources and training for the city’s youth.

“We will do everything possible to gather all the resources we need to serve the young people who enter our program,” he said in a message that you can read. here.

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Mayor Brandon Scott has reacted to Mack’s murder, saying a deeper conversation is needed about what’s fueling the violence.

“What we have to understand is that when we talk about violence in Baltimore, and in this country, we have to have a deeper conversation than we’ve had since I’ve been alive, and understand that access at guns, ignoring symptoms, mental health and behavioral health, they ignore disinvestment and poverty in this country, it all led to where we are today,” Scott said.

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Mayor Scott addresses violence in Baltimore

Christina Kelly, who has lived in Baltimore for two decades, shares the same view as Mayor Scott.

“It’s more than the crime itself. It’s a real systemic problem with education and opportunity in our city for our young people,” Kelly said.

Will Greene, who works at Inner Harbor, said there are no easy answers to solving the crime problem. To remedy this, he thinks it will take a collective effort.

“We definitely have a problem and I think we all need to work together to solve it,” Greene said.

Mayor Scott is also calling on all city residents to come together to help reduce violence in Baltimore.

He also said he would ensure that the person responsible for Mack’s murder and other shootings across the city is brought to justice.

“Our detectives are going to come out, find out who committed these acts of violence, especially against this young man and young woman in Inner Harbor,” Scott said.

Virginia S. Braud