Bridgton Gallery welcomes milliner to its co-op

Nancy Corcoran-Murphy is new to Gallery 302 in Bridgton. Photo submitted

BRIDGTON — Gallery 302 welcomes milliner Nancy Corcoran-Murphy to its cooperative gallery at 112 Main St.

The Bridgton collection is inspired by the women in his family, dating back to the early 1900s when his grandmother and sister attended Bridgton Academy. Her family summered in Waterford, at their Bear Pond camp for many years, according to a press release from the gallery.

Corcoran-Murphy and her husband recently found their way back to Bridgton and bought a house. She has always been a lover of hats and other hair ornaments. During her online detective work to find a lost hat, she discovered a woman in Wilmington, North Carolina who was teaching millinery classes. And that was the beginning of his training.

She knew that millinery was much more common in Europe and Australia, but in the United States women and hats had become a thing of the past. She worked with her new friend for several months and learned essential lessons in hat making. Since then, she has studied millinery at the School of Fashion Design in Boston, gone to ateliers in England, sponsored an Australian milliner back home, and spent time in Paris and the south of France working with designers. professionals trained in the art of millinery. .

Corcoran-Murphy is trained to work with almost anything that can be fashioned into a helmet.

For The Bridgton Collection, she opted for a fun wool felt project that could be worn après-ski or just to keep warm on the go.

For more information, call 207-647-2787 or visit

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