Christina Whitlock strengthens position in St. Louis Cardinals organization after Alyssa Nakken gig with San Francisco Giants

Christina Whitlock is ready to improve her position with the St. Louis Cardinals after Alyssa Nakken of the San Francisco Giants made MLB history as the first coach on the court.

Like other women in baseball, Christina Whitlock has her story to tell. Whitlock was named the fourth coach of the St. Louis Cardinals minor league organization in 2020. The role includes coaching and scouting and is designed to give participants their first taste of working in professional baseball.

Remember the name “Christina Whitlock”. She is one of the women leading the way in professional baseball. Get to know the Cardinals coach.…

“Remember the name ‘Christina Whitlock’. She is one of the women leading the way in professional baseball. Get to know the Cardinals coach.” – @KSDK News

Whitlock was going to be the fourth coach two years ago, but COVID canceled the minor league season. That didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Excellent rental for the St. Louis Cardinals! Christina Whitlock will do great things in baseball!

“Great rookie for the St. Louis Cardinals! Christina Whitlock will do great things in baseball!” – @Kelly Ahrens

Christina Whitlock said, “I was a little discouraged. But I never thought about, ‘Oh, the door closed.'”

In 2021, she undertakes more professional scouting on her own to broaden her experience and strengthen her skills.

With the St. Louis Cardinals, a new opportunity presented itself this spring. In addition, Whitlock is also looking for other roles, with the ultimate goal of becoming a pitching instructor, manager or front office and player development employee.

Whitlock also watched Alyssa Nakken’s accomplishments with the San Francisco Giants.

Christina Whitlock background

Popularly known as Plew Whitlock, Christina Whitlock graduated from Converse College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education in 2000. Whitlock started as an assistant coach at the University of South Carolina, then known as University of South Carolina-Spartanburg. For the 2000 season, she worked with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as an assistant coach. Whitlock coached at the high school level for several years after leaving Chattanooga before returning to college as an assistant coach at Mercer University in 2007. After leaving Mercer, Whitlock coached the LeMoyne College Dolphins (2009 -2012) and the Lander University Bearcats (2013-2015). In 2016, she returned to her alma institution as a volunteer assistant coach for the Gamecocks.

Whitlock took a break from college coaching for a few years before returning in the spring of 2019 to coach the Furman University Paladins. She has worked as a coach for various organizations in addition to high school and college. Whitlock volunteered as a pitching coach for the UK Softball Federation from 2017-2020, was a softball skills instructor for Apex Athletic Performance from 2017-2020 and was head baseball coach for Stars & Stripes Sports from 2017 to 2020. Whitlock was named as a fourth coach in the minor league system by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2020. This role combines coaching and scouting and is designed to provide participants with an introduction to working in the professional baseball. The minor league season was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak before it could be assigned to a team.

Alyssa Nakken of the San Francisco Giants – the first female coach in Major League Baseball history

San Francisco Giants Photo Day
San Francisco Giants Photo Day

Alyssa Nakken, 37, of the San Francisco Giants, is the first female MLB coach to appear on the field. Additionally, she became the first and only woman in MLB history on the field in a regular season game.

Taking over as tonight’s first base coach: Alyssa Nakken 🧡🤍

“Take over as first baseman coach tonight: Alyssa Nakken” – @ SF Giants

Antoan Richardson, the Giants’ first baseman coach, was fired in the third inning of a game between the San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park, and Nakken was assigned to coach first goal.

Alyssa Nakken is a base running and outfield defensive coach for the San Francisco Giants. She sits in an indoor batting cage near the dugout stairs, watching games and keeping a San Francisco Giants jersey handy in case she needs it.

This isn’t the first time Nakken has made major league history. She became the first woman to work full-time in MLB when she was named a full-time big league assistant coach for the San Francisco Giants in 2020. However, it was her first time coaching. in a regular season game.

Alyssa began working with the San Francisco Giants as an intern in 2014 while pursuing her Masters in Sports Management.

From her first day with the San Francisco Giants, Nakken has embraced her role as a role model for girls and women.

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