Create an inclusive organization where women can thrive

In celebration of International Women’s Month, Accenture shared key findings from its “Better to Belong” study, which examined women’s experiences in the workplace. It also looked at ways companies could foster ownership so women and their organizations can thrive. Accenture found that “women are significantly worse off (NBO) and report less belonging than employees in general.” Belonging means having an influence on decisions; be respected by peers and managers; feel comfortable speaking; and having a senior manager who could help progress and grow.

“There is no better time to pay attention to gender issues, especially for women, than today. Accenture’s Better to Belong study highlighted that when leaders support their employees during moments that matter, employees are better off. This is when organizations are able to foster a culture where people feel like they belong. For Accenture, belonging is an important concept, and studying provides a framework we could embrace to have greater impact in accelerating gender equality for all, not just women,” said Ambe Tierro, Chief Technology Officer, Accenture in the Philippines, Africa and Asia -Peaceful.

The six dimensions of NBO: financial, emotional and mental, relational, physical, useful and employable explain 64% of work potential. When companies leave people better off, they double the impact on workplace outcomes. It starts with CEOs knowing what questions to ask. Are we equipping people with the right adjacent skills to transition into higher paying jobs and explore new roles and sectors? Do our rewards and benefits packages meet the growing needs of our associates in times of crisis and times of plenty? How to create a sense of belonging in virtual teams? How do you ensure that every voice is heard across the organization? What have we learned about the physical well-being of our peoples that should be adopted as best practices in the future? Does our goal expand to meet an enlightened workforce and customer? How does our purpose come to life in our communities? How might we support the continued mental resilience of our people when the potential trauma of the crisis can have lasting effects?

Accenture developed an NBO framework and found 10 daily experience levers to help leaders unlock the full potential of their employees: communication, diversity, customer focus, skills, dependency, governance, technology, self-efficacy and state of mind. spirit of growth. Empowerment, communication, diversity and customer orientation are essential human skills. While essential levers are important for everyone, skills are also seen as a key driver of women’s human potential. Accenture’s goal is to achieve an equal workforce by 2025. This means a workforce that is 50% female and 50% male for those whose gender is binary .

Where women work makes all the difference. International Women’s Day (IWD) provides opportunities to celebrate the achievements of women in the workplace and showcase employer initiatives and support. IWD sees organizations amplify and strengthen their commitment to help forge an inclusive world.

Besides Accenture, there are other progressive employers with inclusive work cultures, benefits, exceptional development opportunities, good flexible work practices, and rewarding career opportunities. Where Women Work ( was the first women-focused careers platform to assess and screen corporate employers. The platform inspires women to realize their potential while helping them navigate their next career move to an employer who would support their success as an intern, graduate, apprentice, experienced hire, returning woman or senior executive.

Other useful career platforms are The Muse, Power to Fly, In Her Sight, The Mom Project, Career Contessa, Apres, Fairygodboss, and Jobs for Her. So ladies, do your homework. Before applying for your next job, IWD recommends researching potential employers. It is important to build a trustworthy and trustworthy sense of what women who are already working for various employers are saying. Learn more about workplace policies, practices and support. And finally, make the right decision thanks to reliable and relevant information.

The way forward is for companies to maximize the human potential of all employees, especially women. Leaders need to focus on the right day-to-day experience, especially the essential levers.

Virginia S. Braud