How Pink Alliance, the only such support group in Brazos County, is helping breast cancer survivors

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas – The numbers are startling.

One in 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer, when resources can be hard to come by in the Brazos Valley.

However, the Pink Alliance is ready to help change that.

As Stephanie Manry spends time with her grandson shopping, she can’t help but think about the difference the organization has made during her time of need.

“If I hadn’t survived, I wouldn’t have known him.” said Manry, a breast cancer survivor.

Manry was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago.

However, even after two years of chemotherapy and surgery, Manry says she is still grateful to enjoy times like this with her family.

A moment made possible by the Pink Alliance.

“When I first found out about it, I went straight to them for help because I didn’t know what to expect,” Manry said.

Doris Light is the President of Pink Alliance and herself a cancer survivor for 15 years.

“Not a day that I don’t think about it,” Light said.

Knowing how frightening a cancer diagnosis can be, Light wants to help others during this difficult start to recovery.

“We try to reduce the fear for these women as much as possible because that’s what’s so scary about being diagnosed with cancer, it’s these strangers,” Light said.

Pink Alliance is the only such support group in the Brazos Valley. Everything is volunteer-based, providing both emotional and financial help.

In 2016, the support group launched a grant program to help other nonprofits that support cancer patients.

“It is my passion to help this next lady who is diagnosed with breast cancer,” said Light.

For Manry, it’s about reassuring people that a breast cancer diagnosis is not the same as a death sentence.

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