Inverness craft brewery to donate to military support group and asks for community involvement | Local News

Nine State Brewery owner Eric Lesage is joining the “Hops for Heroes” campaign and donating the full price of a Homefront Special beer to a national group of veterans every time someone orders a drink.

Eric Lesage crushes the grain as a first step in creating his Jack of the Lantern pumpkin beer which he creates from his Nine State Brewery in downtown Inverness. The heated water and malted barley will be mashed for an hour, filtered and the liquid will then boil for another hour.

He’s confident he’ll benefit from Saturday’s fundraiser going to the Soldiers’ Angels. It just won’t be financial.

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Eric Lesage, owner of Nine State Brewery in Inverness city centre, sanitizes the lines used to create craft beers at his brewery in Inverness city centre. His brewery will host a Soldiers’ Angels fundraiser this Saturday as part of the Hops for Heroes 2022 campaign.

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As part of the fundraising effort, items such as glass pints, tap handles and custom baseball bats will be available through live and silent auctions at the Nine State Brewery in Inverness. . All proceeds will go directly to the Soldiers’ Angels charity this Saturday.

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Nine State Brewery owner Eric Lesage, left, sports special jerseys made especially for the Soldiers’ Angels benefit this weekend with his mother and father Jeannie and Bubba Lesage. Eric’s mum is the bar manager and his dad is the head brewer at the Inverness city center brewery.

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Nine State Brewery owner Eric Lesage pours a beer into a waiting glass Monday September 12 at his downtown Inverness brewery. He will be hosting a fundraiser this weekend to benefit the Soldiers’ Angels campaign.

Virginia S. Braud