Japanese Second Life Support Group is helping out in the metaverse

In Episode 124 of My Metaverse Minute, Kieron examines how a new Second Life support group could pave the way for many forms of digital native anxiety in a metaverse setting.

Strong points

00:08 — A phenomenon in Japan sees a growing number of young people isolating themselves from physical interaction, choosing instead to engage with the outside world exclusively through digital means.

00:51 — A group has started a support network for people with this strain of social anxiety within the Second Life Metaverse.

01:24 — The support group is held in the Metaverse space, where people can participate as avatars. The goal is to push people overwhelmed by the digital world back into the real world in a way that works best for them.

02:02 – Using the metaverse in this way connects digital natives through a medium they can understand, and could even be expanded to include helping people with phobias and other anxieties. The metaverse may be a solution rather than a crutch for people seeking digital refuge from the outside world.

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Virginia S. Braud