Kangra Cooperative Bank goes to the polls; 17 scrum for 13 places

Elections for the Delhi-based Kangra Cooperative Bank are continuing and the final list of candidates remaining in the fray was released on Wednesday. The election is scheduled for February 13 at Ambedkar Bhawan, Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi.

The bank’s board of directors is made up of 15 directors, including one seat for the president and one for the vice-president, 2 for women and 11 for directors. Out of 15 seats, the election will take place for 13 seats since the president and the vice-president were elected without opposition.

Laxmi Das was re-elected unopposed as chairman of the bank with his deputy Rajendra Kumar Sharma as vice chairman. Although the official announcement will be made on February 13.

It is reported that 33 applications have been submitted by the last date of submission of documents and all documents have been deemed valid. But on the day of the withdrawal, 14 withdrew their names, including Pawan Guleria and Rajendra Thakur who had submitted their candidacies to run for president and vice president respectively.

For the two seats reserved for women, three candidates are in the running, while for 11 seats on the Board of Directors, 14 candidates are in the running.

“Our Himachal Pradesh Social Group panel will wipe the slate clean in the bank elections. The majority of the votes will be in our favor because the members have great confidence in us,” said Das who was elected unopposed as bank president.

“Meanwhile, to woo voters in favor of our panel, we are going to launch a Delhi-wide election campaign. Eligible voters are over 44,000 and over 10,000 members will come to vote,” Das, who also sits on the board of Nafcub, told Indian Cooperative.com.

Amit Kumar Pamasi was appointed returning officer to oversee the electoral process.

It is worth mentioning that Kangra Cooperative Bank is the largest urban cooperative in Delhi-NCR. The bank’s total business mix is ​​over Rs 1,800 crore and made a gross profit of Rs 9.09 crore in the 2020-21 financial year. The bank has 12 branches in Delhi.

Virginia S. Braud