Kim Zolciak Defends Underage Daughter After DUI Arrest: ‘She’s Been Cooperative and Honest’

The eight are in 8th grade!

Nadya Suleman made international headlines in 2009 when she welcomed octuplets. These children are now teenagers.

On Wednesday, August 16, the proud mom shared a photo of the infamous kids as the 13-year-olds headed to school.

“First day of 8th grade. Be proud of yourselves, children, for being kind, respectful and helpful to all of your classmates, teachers and staff. You are outstanding role models for students in 6th and 7th grade,” said she wrote next to the image, adding, “I love you.”

What is often forgotten is that Nadya was already a mother of six children when she welcomed the world’s first surviving octuplets. Nadya, 47, noted that the older siblings – several of whom are now legal adults – did not want their photos shared.

“I respect their choice, you should too,” she told her detractors.

Damian Dovarganes/AP/Shutterstock

After the post, many Nadya followers applauded her for respecting her children’s privacy and others commented on how beautiful her children look. The vast majority, however, couldn’t believe the octo-kids were teenagers!

“They’re all on their way to high school. The weather is no joke,” one person said. Another said: “Time flies! You are a great mom Nadia!!! [sic] I do!!!”

Last year, Nadya pondered the idea of ​​giving birth to the children, saying she never asked for the nickname “Octomom”.

“Octomom, engineered by the media, was born in the perfect storm: Between the Great Economic Recession of 2007-2009 and the height of tabloid media sensationalism, I was the perfect prey; a convenient target, with a target in the back, for people to blame their economic hardship,” she wrote on Instagram in August 2021. “Being single and an unemployed graduate student at the time, the predatory media hijacked my life and identity by crafting a Very effective MARKETING STRATEGY: OCTOMOM.”

“They then stoked the fire of mass fury, outrage and hysteria by feeding the public lie after lie, to further their profit-fueled agenda. Profiteering on people is an unfortunate pattern perpetuated in this cruel world. Unaware of this truth at the time, I found myself trapped in the middle of this evil storm,” she continued. “If I had given birth to octuplets in a more recent time in history, I would never have been the target of media humiliation, misrepresentation, becoming the poster child for ‘mommy shaming’.”

Nadya says she was “both cyber and physically stoned” by society in 2009, remembering rocks being thrown at her house and car.

Along with her post, Nadya shared an image of children holding up signs in protest against her.

“This persecution of a mother would be appalling and even challenged in 2021; although it was accepted and encouraged in the toxic 2000s,” she said. “Unfortunately, as a MOTHER, I have been personally protested by ignorant parents and their ignorant children; for ignorance breeds ignorance.”

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