Undervalued and trivialized by some, rightly considered very challenging by others, that of the housewife is a job that puts those who play in a very special situation: it is indeed a worker in all respects, but does not receive a salary. In the event that a housewife needs a small loan to cope with unexpected expenses, then, problems may arise as the absence of a paycheck, for banks and credit institutions, corresponds to the failure to guarantee payment.

However, it is possible to access special loans for housewives at subsidized rates, even without a pay check and without a guarantor, specifically designed for this category of female workers. This type of personal loan falls into the broadest category of atypical loans and can be disbursed in different ways. A good general rule to choose the loan for housewives that best suits your needs is to request and compare the largest possible number of offers and estimates of banks and lenders, paying close attention to the interest rates that are applied and the conditions of repayment of the loan.

Loan for housewives without paychecks: requirements and guarantees

To access a loan without a paycheck is first necessary to have a good credit history, so never have been protested or reported as bad payers and have always been punctual in payments in case of previous loans.

The best guarantee, in this case, is a small income deriving from an activity that is not that of a housewife: it is indeed difficult, and it is good to specify it, that people without any kind of income can be granted a loan.

Alternatively, it is possible to present the signature of a guarantor, usually a relative or a friend, who undertakes to cover the amount of the installments in case of non-payment by the principal debtor. Obviously the guarantor must also have some requirements:

  • demonstrable income given by paychecks, tax return if self-employed or pension
  • no current loan
  • no problem with previous funding

Other types of collateral to get a payday loan can be:

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  • mortgage on the property owned
  • monthly income from a rental property

Loan for housewives without guarantor: the necessary requirements

For small amounts and under certain conditions small loans can also be granted for housewives without a guarantor, usually for amounts up to 1,500 euros.
Those who want to have a loan independently while not having a paycheck can apply for a revolving card with which to make the necessary small expenses and then repay the amount paid in a single solution or in small monthly installments.

The requirements for obtaining a loan for housewives without a guarantor are:

  • an income deriving, for example, from a part-time, occasional or fixed-term job
  • the possibility of mortgaging a property owned
  • a monthly income from a rental property

Loan for housewives with revolving paper: what it is and how it works

The maximum amount for a loan for housewives usually does not exceed 3,000 euros and is often granted in the form of a revolving card, even in the case of loans for housewives without a guarantor. This is a special type of credit card that allows you to make purchases without paying them in a single payment at the end of the month, but subdividing the amount into small installments to be repaid monthly according to the procedures established by the contract.
In any case, before requesting any type of loan without paychecks, it is important to carefully check the conditions of the loan, in particular the interest rate, the TAN and the APR, so as to choose the financial product best suited to your needs in a conscious way.

How to apply for a loan for housewives

How to apply for a loan for housewives

To obtain a loan it is necessary to go to the bank or to a credit institution and carefully examine the conditions of the various types of loans; now this operation can easily be carried out online.

In any case it is necessary to obtain some documents:

  • a valid identity document
  • fiscal Code

The application will be examined, usually in a short time, and then we will proceed to the possible payment of the requested sum. Also the recovery times of the capital are quite short: in general the amortization plans do not exceed 24 months.

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