Local woman discusses the joys and challenges of family caregivers Facebook support group

Catherine Becker of Rossville, with her friends, Terri Bornhauser of Cincinnati, Ohio, Quellee Gonzalez of Lanham, Md., And Sandra Griffin, of Holland, Mi., whom she all met at the Zoom meetings that Ms. Becker led through a Another forum, opened a new support group on Facebook called Joys and Challenges of Relative Caregivers.

The forum is unique in that it is not just a forum for posting comments on the page regarding issues and asking for comments or advice, but rather a very interactive forum, where participants learn to relate to each other. get acquainted at meetings held twice a week via Zoom. .

On Tuesday evenings, professional speakers address members on issues relevant to their current situation, e.g. adoption lawyer, child behavior counselor, addiction and rehabilitation counselor, internet safety specialist for children, a bereavement counselor, etc.

Thursday is the “Sharing Night”, where participants come together, again via Zoom, and talk, laugh, cry, evacuate, play online games and, most importantly, bond with people. others in the United States and Canada, people who are living life, who understand the joys and challenges of everyone.

The group has grown since November 20 to 106 members.

In early December, attendees were told that some of the group may have struggled with Christmas for their grandchildren this year. Ms Becker, Ms Bornhauser, Ms Griffin and another member of the group, Carisa Evans, from Odessa, Florida. immediately jumped into action, opened a Gofundme account, and raised $ 800 in less than 24 hours for four of the families. They found out what the kids wanted for Christmas, ordered it from Amazon, and sent the gifts directly to the members, along with a gift certificate for their families’ Christmas dinner.

From the first of the year, the group will begin the process of starting a nonprofit fundraising program to meet urgent needs that grandparents may need from time to time. The first fundraising project will be a cookbook filled with grandparents’ own recipes. A lot of grandparents are retired or disabled and are living on social security or having a disability, then all of a sudden they become financially responsible for these children. The decisions they make are made out of necessity and love, and they should be uplifted and admired for their efforts.

The group has opened a new website which is currently under construction. For more information, email [email protected]

Virginia S. Braud