Nambucca leads the Eternal Caregiver Support Group – News from the region

Caregiver Rosemary Porter, Contest winner Braxton Atkins, Zeny Paraiso-Ward, Caregiver Fran Bishop

THE Zeny’s House of Photography baby photo contest recently raised $700 for the Nambucca Heads Everlasting Carers support group.

Caregivers Rosemary Porter and Fran Bishop were all smiles as Baby Competition winner Braxton Atkins and business owner Zeny Paraiso-Ward handed over the check.

In the background, Bev Reedy, coordinator of the Nambucca Heads Everlasting Carers volunteer support group, was also smiling.

“I want to thank the community from the bottom of my heart,” Bev said.

“Thank you to all the parents who entered their bubs in the contest.

“This money is going to mean a lot to caregivers.

“I’m planning a day of relaxation, which the caregivers don’t have much to do.”

News of the Area spoke with Ms Porter about her role as a carer, a role that saw her move to Nambucca Heads so she could look after her elderly parents.

Ms Porter told how her mother fell and broke her collarbone, followed shortly after by her father who had to receive radiotherapy for skin cancer and then fell himself.

Ms Porter then went to a local care facility to arrange respite care for her parents and collapsed as she was overwhelmed with paperwork and the lack of support she felt.

She then called Bev Reedy for help, having recently found the Everlasting Carers support group, and was offered support to help her through a difficult time.

Ms. Reedy arranged for Ms. Porter to receive help with paperwork, provided expert advice and thereby eased some of the hardship.

Ms Reedy said: “We want to provide support for carers to access programs and information that will help them.

“We want to help and work to share ideas about what the group should do and provide a safe support space.”

Caregiver Fran Bishop only recently joined the group and did so to connect with others.

Ms. Bishop has cared for her husband, who has dementia, for nine years.

Originally from overseas, neither Ms Bishop nor her husband have family nearby to call for help.

“I joined the group because I feel I need to talk to other carers about their problems.

“I also joined the company.

“I miss adult conversation.”

The Everlasting Carers Support Group is located at HealthOne NSW, 4 Fred Brain Avenue, Newville, Nambucca Heads.

Appointment: first Tuesday of the month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and third Tuesday of the month from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Contact Bev 0265694337.

Meetings are $4 to help support the group.


Virginia S. Braud