Ongoing Veteran Peer Support Group Sessions in Morris County – Morris County, NJ

Posted on February 16, 2022

The Morris County Veterans Services Office and NewBridge Services have launched a bi-monthly Veterans Support Group, which meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month.

Sessions from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. are FREE for all veterans, regardless of length of service or discharge status. Veteran Tim Slavin facilitates and guides conversations between Veterans to aid in healing and recovery.

The Veterans Peer Support Group meets at the Morris County Veterans Services office at 540 West Hanover Ave. in Morris Township. The entrance is at the back of the Morris View Healthcare Center. For more information and to register, contact NewBridge Services at 973-316-9333 or [email protected].

Veterans who have been in combat or separated from their families for long periods of time may experience additional stressors in life, and peer support groups can help them.

“A peer support group for veterans is a way to come together to share stories about the stressors of deployment and the impact that stress has had on their lives,” said NewBridge CEO, Michelle Borden. “It helps to forge bonds of hope, recovery and support and to know that they are not alone.”

One of three New Morris County Veterans Initiatives

Maria Salazar, curator Krickus, Jessica Tomalo 9 13 2021.jpg The Veterans’ Peer Support Group is one of three initiatives approved by the Morris County Board of Commissioners in September on the recommendation of Assistant Commissioner John Krickus, a United States Marine Corps veteran. United. The county launched a program to host roundtables and social events for veterans last fall, and the county’s Department of Human Services is working to soon launch a counseling program to support veterans and family.

Krickus said in September that he wanted veterans, including those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, “to know that not only do we honor their service on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, but that we are here. to support you every day of the year”.

Photo, bottom left: Deputy Superintendent John Krickus (center) chats with Veterans Services Officers Maria Salazar (left) and Jessica Tomalo outside the County Veterans Services office Morris.

Virginia S. Braud