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Paradise Investment Network Cooperative (PINCOOP) has introduced an all-inclusive opportunity for Nigerians of all strata to own a share of the booming real estate market in Nigeria.

At the launch of the PINCOOP Real Estate Cooperative Society in Lagos, opportunities are open to all Nigerians, regardless of status and income level, to become real estate investors and own the properties of their choice in the country.

According to the founder of PINCOOP, Christy Kanu, the initiative is designed to give all Nigerians equal opportunity to invest their savings in the country’s increasingly lucrative property sector.

She said the launch of PINCOOP was born out of her inability to invest in developed properties in prime areas, which was nearly impossible for low-income people to afford.

“A few years ago I was keen to invest in the real estate market in Lagos but it became increasingly difficult as properties are extremely expensive in prime areas. on the outskirts of town It’s like a situation where the rich get richer and the poor get crumbs, because I had my money and I went to the real estate market and found out that I couldn’t invest in developed property in prime locations,” Christy explained while recounting why she founded PINCOOP.

She said that although the cost of properties in prime locations across Nigeria is high due to inflation and rising cost of building materials, that is not enough reason to deprive people low-income people the opportunity to participate and take ownership of the sector.

Christy continued that with a minimum of 50,000 naira, low-income people like market women and street vendors could access the PINCOOP cooperative, invest and co-own properties in prime locations through a direct membership or a reference accessible to .

Ms. Christy mentioned that

“PINCOOP will launch different real estate products for co-ownership, including properties that would bring a high return to the co-owner or co-investors. Most properties in Nigeria have a lifespan of 99 years, so you earn rental income for life. What we favor is to ensure that everyone can participate in this real estate co-ownership platform. I want a situation where rich and poor benefit equally based on their share in a property without only the rich getting richer while the poor get the crumbs. With as little as N50,000, low-income people like market traders and artisans could become proud landowners in Lagos and beyond. This is why PINCOOP is fundamentally disrupting the real estate market so that everyone gets a share of the interest regardless of their income level”.

Azez Sadiq and Olorunkemi Salau, the two Community Development Officers from Eti Osa Local Government, Lagos presented current PINCOOP pioneer members with a Certificate of Registration and Recognition.

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Virginia S. Braud