Parkinson’s support group meets for first time in two years

PUEBLO, Colo. — Many people have had to delay meeting in person during the pandemic, including a Parkinson’s disease support group in Pueblo. Now, after two years apart, the group finally reunited on Tuesday, November 9.

The Pueblo Parkinson’s Support Group has been meeting for several years and is the only one of its kind in southern Colorado.

The group provides members with resources, support and education for those struggling with Parkinson’s disease or who may know someone who has it.

“Currently, our Parkinson’s support group has approximately 35 members. I think there are many more who just need to know that these resources are available to them,” said Nick Herrera, facilitator of the Pueblo Parkinson support group.

According to the Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies, nearly 17,000 people in the Rocky Mountain community have Parkinson’s disease.

Emma Sears, program coordinator for Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies, said support groups help people pick themselves up and connect with their own community.

“Every symptom, treatment, everyone is so unique in their Parkinsonism it’s hard to say they’re all the same, so we see every variety we try to provide education on symptoms, new treatments, new drugs, so we just try and kind of supply as much as we can,” Sears said.

The association also offers free exercise classes, as Sears said exercise can help relieve symptoms.

“Parkinson’s is more than tremors and not everyone with Parkinson’s has them. So it’s a lot more than people kind of think it’s guessing, so educating yourself about more symptoms can be a great way to start learning more,” Sears said.

The Pueblo group will meet every first Tuesday of the month at Temple Baptist Church at 3030 Thatcher Avenue in Pueblo and at different locations each week for exercise classes. Herrera said he wants to involve as many people as possible and gain more volunteers.

“I would like it to be a large group of people, anyone who has these issues, you can come with a carer, you can bring your carer or send your carer for you. We will use all the resources we can to provide you with this information on what is available,” Herrera said.

For more information on the Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies and for support groups around you, visit their website.

Virginia S. Braud