Pink cures more than a cancer support group | Pictures

At the Porterville Women’s Club monthly meeting at the Airway Cafe on Monday, Kim Latham of Pink Heals Tulare County Chapter, PHTCC, spoke about what the support group does for local communities.

The local non-profit organization’s volunteer group uses their pink fire truck to bring love, hope, health, care and support to women and their families suffering from serious illnesses, not just cancer, and others difficulties, together with volunteers from other local community agencies. They offer spiritual support, help financially if they can, and they help bring people together and raise awareness.

They also make cheerful visits and make people smile. They recently visited a 100-year veteran. And also visited a yoga group in Springville and a wellness center.

The money raised by Pink Heals stays locally and can be used for research or used for people who need it most.

The PHTCC group travels to car shows, schools, festivals, parades, cancer awareness events, hospitals, toys for toddlers and will do home visits for those in need of love and extra attention. They work with other agencies and provide excellent support.

Pink Heal volunteers are firefighters, police officers, veterans, educators, professionals and anyone who wants to help.

Many families and businesses help the nonprofit organization give back to communities, and PHTCC sells its products: t-shirts, Pink Heals badges, and more.

The group is strictly nonprofit, and now there are chapters across the United States.

Brad Latham was also present at the event. He drives the Pink Heals fire truck named MADDI, which is named after Cheryl McDonell, Ronald Shiers and Judi Muirhead who had and have had cancer.

PINk Heals vehicles are named after people who have made an impact in their local communities. They honor heroes and remind people how important everyone is to the community, neighbors and their families.

When the Pink Heals band tours a community or visits, they wear pink fire jackets, and Kim said their visit brings a lot of happiness, hope and love.

If they can’t help financially, they can help in other ways. Kim said they can help people by networking.

They have helped women who have lost children and been abused. Or they helped visit people in the hospital and they went to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Connie Byars, president of the Porterville Women’s Club, presented Kim Latham with a check for $100 at the end of the meeting and thanked her for her informative presentation.

“It was very enlightening to know about the various resources we have in our area. And it’s nice to know that there are so many people who give of themselves for others,” Rozetta Rogers said.

Alison Landucci thoughtfully remarked on how encouraging it was to see community needs being met, especially when people were recovering or going through life-altering events.

Susan Uptain said the presentation was informative and she was happy with what they are doing for the communities.

For more information, visit Pink Heals Tulare County Chapter on Facebook and Instagram, call Kim Latham, 559-907-8181 or email [email protected]

Virginia S. Braud