Princeton student organization announces new scholarship to support journalism

The Princeton Tory announces the George W. Smith, Jr. Scholarship to support student journalism.

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, USA, April 20, 2022 / — The Conservative Princeton, the leading source of conservative political thought and news at Princeton University, announced a new scholarship to support summer internships. The “George W. Smith, Jr. Scholarship.” is founded in memory of a former graduate of the Class of 1963 who supported conservative causes and journalism.

“With this very generous donation, we will be able to help sponsor the internship plans of several students over the next few years,” said Tory Publisher Christopher Kane. “We are currently accepting applications from Conservative members, so that students who may be doing internships this summer can take advantage of this excellent opportunity.”

Many Princeton students pursue summer internships. Unfortunately, many summer internships in politics and journalism are unpaid. This leaves students in the predicament of working in a preferred field that threatens their financial situation, or accepting a paid position elsewhere.

“This internship program fills that gap,” noted Tory editor Billy Wade. “We expect this program to alleviate financial challenges and encourage more students to pursue political or journalism opportunities that interest them.”


The Princeton Tory is Princeton’s leading publication of conservative thought written, edited and produced by university students. Notable alumni include Yoram Hazony ’86, Ted Cruz ’92, Danielle Allen ’93, Pete Hegseth ’03, Sherif Girgis ’08 and Otis Graham ’85. The Tory, which covers campus news, is a focal point of Princeton’s conservative ecosystem. The curator also sponsors several scholarships for Princeton students to support conservative journalism.

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