Proposed college name to reflect disciplines included in new organization | VTX

Members of the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors voted today to approve the reorganization of the Colleges of Architecture and Urban Studies, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Humanities and to approve the renaming of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies as the College of Architecture, Arts and Design to reflect the disciplines included in the new organization.

These changes will become effective upon approval by the Virginia State Board of Higher Education.

The reorganization will include the transfer of the Myers-Lawson School of Construction at the College of Engineering; the School of Public and International Affairs at the College of Liberal Arts and Humanities, and the Performing Arts School at the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

In addition, the restructured College of Architecture and Urban Studies will include the School of Architecture, School of Performing Arts, School of Visual Arts, and School of Design.

None of the proposed school transfers affect existing degree plans, and all degrees will transfer with their existing schools. All faculty will be transferred from their current schools to new colleges with their current rank and status. All proposed changes are cost neutral as budgetary and staffing resources will follow each school to the proposed college location.

Since its inception in 2006 as a shared school of the Colleges of Architecture and Urban Studies and Engineering, the Myers-Lawson School of Construction has been one of only three construction schools in the United States to offer both engineering and non-technical construction degrees. .

The proposed transfer of the school entirely to the College of Engineering will improve administrative efficiency, better facilitate research and educational collaboration among faculty in the building construction and civil engineering disciplines, and provide students with additional opportunities to pursue transdisciplinary undergraduate research and industry placements in these related disciplines. .

Currently housed in the College of Liberal Arts and Humanities, the School of Performing Arts, with its Theater/Film Arts and Music programs, has modes of instruction and creative pursuits that align closely with those that prevail at the College of Architecture and Urbanism. Studies. Many performing arts teachers regularly collaborate with School of Visual Arts teachers on multi-faceted artistic productions and research. The proposed realignment will strengthen these ties for both faculty and students. The administrative efficiencies to be gained reflect the shared spaces for visual and performing arts incorporated into the university’s master plan for the Creativity and Innovation District.

For more than 50 years, the School of Public and International Affairs’ programs, including Government and International Affairs, Urban Affairs and Planning, and Public Administration and Policy, have established a strong national reputation and very productive collaborations with liberal arts and humanities teachers. .

This transfer provides opportunities to significantly amplify the depth and scope of Virginia Tech’s strengths in national security and cybersecurity, foreign affairs, public policy, urban planning, and environmental and climate justice, and the realignment proposed will strengthen opportunities for experiential learning and undergraduate and graduate internships. at the Blacksburg, Richmond and Arlington sites.

The current organization of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies has been in place since 2003.

Virginia S. Braud