RSU cooperative elects new leaders

President of Rivers State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Ikuinyi-OwajiIbani, charged Nigerian women to retain their rightful place in society by adopting a more hands-on approach that would put their desires in their own hands, instead of resorting to advocacy.
Ibani gave the charge last week, when members of the Nigerian Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), led by President, Susan Serekara-Nwikhana, embarked on a solidarity march to the State House of Assembly to express their dissatisfaction with the neglect of Nigerians. women in the National Assembly for claiming their rights, Tuesday, March 1, 2022.
NAWOJ had taken the opportunity of the International Women’s Day program to ask the Rivers State Assembly to help her deliver her message on the Gender Equality Bill to the National Assembly for reconsideration.
Addressing the women, Rt. Hon. Ikuinyi-OwajiIbani, pledged the continued support of the 9th Assembly to the struggle of Nigerian women for better placement in society, while pledging to carry their message to the National Assembly (NASS).
Ibani described the administration headed by Chief NyesomWike as gender sensitive, noting that his decision to have a woman as deputy, as well as all 23 local government vice presidents as women, is a unique record that none no other state beat.
He frowned at the insensitivity of some NASS members towards women, while assuring members of the NAWOJ Rivers State Chapter of their support for the gender equality bill. He added that the Rivers State House of Assembly has taken several steps to see how issues that affect women in society could be given the priority attention they deserve.
The President further called for giving women equal opportunities to hold political office, while urging women in the state to go beyond the level of advocacy for a more proactive agenda to achieve equality. gender, adding that women are the foundation of agrarian society. and must rise up to take their place in society.
“If the world recognizes the need to celebrate women everywhere, then Nigeria cannot be different. Our members of the National Assembly cannot be insensitive to the plight of women. Women are the bedrock of agrarian society and if there is a transformation from what was, women should be an integral part of it, so there is no level of position that women cannot occupy,” did he declare.
Meanwhile, NAWOJ Rivers State Chapter President, Susan Serekara-Nwikhana has called on women to get their PVC permanent voter cards to vote overwhelmingly among women in various positions in the 2023 general election.
“We have to use what we have to get what we want and our PVC is our power to vote overwhelmingly for our women in positions of power.
“According to the research, statistically we have the numerical strength to exclude them from these offices to allow our women to occupy them and we do not even need to create additional offices or positions considering the high cost of governance with which the country is already confronted.
“Our children will also support us when we reformulate our strategies to help more women to occupy positions of power. We must re-strategize to sponsor women, who are ready, well able to get into politics, to seek forms to compete for positions of their choice.
“If we really want more women in positions of power, we have to use what we have to get what we want as we approach the 2023 general elections,” Serekara-Nwikhana added.
She called on women who are financially capable, but unwilling to challenge, to support those who want to but are not financially viable.
Serekara-Nwikhana cited other countries where women were in charge as prime ministers, adding that their leadership ushered in the growth and development of these countries, noting that the longer it takes for women to hold prime minister positions. authority in Nigeria, the more time it also takes. it will take for people to witness development and growth.

Virginia S. Braud