Shoals Nonprofit Center aims to amplify the impact of local nonprofit organizations

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FLORENCE, Alabama – Nonprofit organizations work day in and day out in pursuit of a specific mission in the community. From feeding the hungry to providing shelter to the homeless, these organizations are working to make a difference. The Shoals Nonprofit Center also seeks to make a difference by helping those who help others.

The Shoals Nonprofit Center is itself a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide management services to participating organizations. It was founded by Sarah Ann Evans and Bethany Green. Green studied at the Center for Nonprofit Management in Nashville and has dreamed of opening a management center in the Shoals for almost a decade.

“This will be about providing professional development, workshops and training so that the people behind the organizations that do the work have the tools they need to be successful themselves and their organizations can be successful because of it as well.” Green said.

Evans has expressed his desire to obtain his graduate degree in nonprofit management. She and Green pitched the idea for the center during the Shoals Ideas hearing. “After pitching our idea to Idea Audition, we had so many people in the field who came to us and told us that we really hope you continue with this; it’s definitely something we need here in the region, ”said Evans.

Any non-profit organization in the region is welcome to connect with the center. “We’re not going to push anyone away and we also want to make sure that we grow for organizations that may be in surrounding counties that aren’t necessarily in a heavily populated area,” Green said.

Their mission is to amplify the impact of nonprofits in the region and they are changing the world in the process.

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Virginia S. Braud