Sikkim Milk Union Wins NCDFI Award for “Best Performing Dairy Cooperative in East and North East Regions”

Sikkim Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Limited has been named as the “Best Performing Dairy Cooperative in the Eastern and North Eastern Regions” by the National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India (NCDFI), during the Cooperative Dairy Conclave 2022, held at Manan Kendra in Gangtok on Friday.

The NCDFI award was received by the Livestock Secretary and Managing Director of Sikkim Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Limited – Dr. P. Senthil Kumar and the Chairman – Yam Kumar Sharma, through the Minister of Home Affairs and Union Cooperation – Amit Shah, who attended the one-day conclave as the “main guest”.

It should be noted that the daily production of milk in Sikkim is around 2.30 liters Lakh per day, of which more than 50,000 LPD are purchased and processed by the Sikkim Milk Union (SMU).

This Union has been supplying milk and dairy products to the army since 2008. It delivers around 18,000 liters of milk per day, as well as dairy products such as butter and paneer.

In recognition of its performance, SMU was selected as the best performing cooperative dairy sector in the East and North East region.

The second and third positions for the NCDFI Award for Best Performing Dairy Cooperative in the Eastern and North Eastern Regions were achieved by West Assam Milk Union (Wamul) and Mother Dairy, Kolkata, West Bengal respectively.

Similarly, Bihar Milk Federation, Jharkhand Milk Federation, Dimapur Dist. Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd., Orissa Milk Federation and Bhagirathi Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. were awarded the Active Participation Award from the East and North East Regions by the NCDFI during the conclave.

Addressing the dairy conclave, Shah applauded Sikkim’s commendable performance in developing initiatives to empower farmers, women and dairy cooperatives to boost the rural economy.

He congratulated the state for winning the NCDFI award for the most successful dairy cooperative in the East and North East region and highlighted Sikkim’s resilience to persevere through the odds in the face of any given crisis.

The Union Minister said that Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) will be set up in every village across the country in the next five years, which will greatly benefit the North Eastern states. Currently, 65,000 active PACS are working in the country, he added.

Virginia S. Braud