Specialty organization offered in veterinary education

Education affects all veterinarians, but learning how to teach well is neglected in higher education, according to the American College of Veterinary Medical Education’s project organizing committee.

The organizing committee petitioned the American Board of Veterinary Specialties AVMA for recognition of the American College of Veterinary Medical Education as a veterinary specialty organization. In accordance with ABVS procedures, the board seeks comments from the public and the profession regarding the proposed specialty organization.

Dr. Ohad Levi, Professor of Surgery and Third Year Director at the Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine, teaches in the Third Year Surgery and Anesthesia course. (Courtesy of WesternU)

“The proposed specialty college would recognize veterinarians with veterinary education degrees and experience who are uniquely qualified to teach veterinary students, trainees and residents the next generation of veterinarians charged with delivering exceptional animal care.” said Dr. Julie Hunt, Partner. Dean of Clinical Sciences at Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine and member of the organizing committee. “The creation of the American College of Veterinary Medical Education would do more than recognize existing experts in veterinary education; this would push future veterinary educators to acquire the training and expertise to become the exceptional educators of tomorrow.

According to the one-page summary of the organizing committee of the proposed specialty organization, there is no specialty in education in higher education in general or in a particular area of ​​vocational training. The committee concludes: “This is a remarkable opportunity for veterinarians to lead rather than follow in the health professions training space. “

All specialist organizations and specialties recognized by AVMA must adhere to the recognition guidelines outlined in the ABVS Policies and Procedures Manual. Commentators should refer to these guidelines when developing comments regarding the proposed specialty organization.

A link to the one-page summary submitted by the proposed specialty organization can be found on the ABVS website. Send feedback regarding the American College of Veterinary Medical Education Recognition Review as a Veterinary Specialty Organization to ABVSatavma [dot] organization. Comments must be signed and received no later than February 28.

Virginia S. Braud