Spurs organization launches own talent academy

Spurs Sports & Entertainment launches leadership and development programs aimed at educating college students for the professional world.

The Talent Academy, with two separate programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students, will provide young professionals with the knowledge, experience and mentoring relationships to help them become leaders early in their careers. Designed as part of SS&E’s long-term strategic vision to nurture championship teams, the program features elite, values-based and culture-driven business teams.

“We have a responsibility to help develop and support the promising young leaders of tomorrow,” said Laural Logan-Fain, assistant vice president of human operations for SS&E. “For many students this past year has been a year of uncertainty due to the pandemic. We hope this elite program will help chart a course that will help these students become valuable contributors early in their careers, perhaps even within our organization. “

There will be a professional internship program as well as an associate program. The Professional Internship Program will provide a glimpse into the world of professional sports for students enrolled in colleges or technical schools through an immersive learning environment. The 10-month rotation program explores behind the scenes operations for NBA and USL franchises and professional event management. Students will be assigned to a targeted business unit based on their areas of interest, experience, and academic achievement.

The associate’s program offers up to two years for graduate degree applicants. The first year is extremely focused on developing the skills needed to be successful in the sports industry. If granted, the second year is geared towards training-oriented leadership and opportunities to contribute to a fast-paced, values-based, and goal-oriented culture.

During its first year, candidates selected for the Associate Program will be assigned to one of the following business unit leaders:

  • Lori Warren, Executive Vice President of Finance and Corporate Strategy
  • Brandon Gayle, Executive Vice President of Brand, Revenue and Communications
  • Bobby Perez, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
  • RC Buford, CEO

Applications are accepted for both programs. Final selections are expected to be made by the end of May 2021, with positions starting August 2021. To learn more about these opportunities and see the qualifications required, visit SS&E Talent Academy.

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