Students from 3 Faculty Member Courses Participated to Help Local Organization, TAGG, Increase Philanthropy in Omaha Community | Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center

UNO CBA students collaborate with local businesses and inspire them to partner with the TAGG platform, enabling the Omaha community to give back. Other projects like these can be found in the Community Engagement Partnership Initiative

the College of Business Administration (CBA) Professional sales students at University of Nebraska Omaha (UN), guided by Dr Shannon Cummins, Dr Anne Herman, and Mr. Gary Domet, team up to make a difference at home. During the spring semester 2021, the course in partnership with Together for a greater good (TAGG) to raise $ 700 for the Maverick pantry, which supports the food and personal hygiene needs of students, faculty and UN staff and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). ABC students worked as a team to reach out to local businesses, connect the business to TAGG’s platform, and enable the Omaha community to give back home. This project took place during the COVID-19 pandemic with major trade restrictions and limited operating capacity, which presented challenges and real-life experiences to students.

TAGG encourages businesses to give back by donating a portion of their profit per purchase when users of the TAGG app purchase from a participating business. Users can customize which organizations receive the donation, allowing for a more meaningful purchase. ABC students understood the importance of this and helped migrate six companies to the platform – Angus Burgers & Shakes, 3e Base Bar & Grill, The Banh Mi Shop, Arby’s Elkhorn, Eat Fit Go and IQ Car Wash. Relationship building was an important skill set used by students and they wanted to make a real difference in Omaha. Holly Baker, co-founder of TAGG noticed this among the students and said, “We even hired the top performing student for a summer internship to continue the momentum created by this project. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with the UN and make a large donation to the food bank. ” This project continues this semester (fall 2021) in another sales course. The Center for Professional Sales is excited to build on this good start and increase donations within the community. This project highlights the impact of community partnership.

Visit the UNO CBA Professional Sales Program website to learn more about how CBA students are community change agents.

Dr Cummins is also one of seven faculty members appointed and selected as faculty members of the UNO Service Learning Academy. Faculty members identify college-specific goals for increasing service learning and community engagement in teaching and research efforts within their respective colleges. Learn more about these faculty members.

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The Community Engagement Partnership Initiative (CEPI) allows campus units to showcase their community engagement efforts and the impacts of partnerships by legislative districts through a series of maps and analyzes.

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