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The Interior Design Organization at the Fall Engagement Fair

Suffolk University’s interior design organization is back on campus, with a brand new e-board and a new set of goals for the academic year.

As they embark on a new semester, IDO focuses their efforts on designing a dress for a fashion show, with one catch: the group must use only interior design mediums during their artistic process. .

“We work specifically with the New England International Interior Design Organization, and every year they have a fashion show with all the businesses and schools in Boston, and you have to create an outfit out of materials from interior design. So right now we are working with three different suppliers: leather, wallpaper and ceiling tile. From now on, we are in the process of assembling this dress that one of our members must represent on stage”, declared Mackenzie Savard, treasurer of IDO.

The organization’s E-Board hopes club meetings are a space where interior design students can support each other, support each other in networking, and provide resources to foster the success of their peers.

“This year, we are becoming a new club. So we try to bring in representatives from different suppliers and teach people about the materials,” said Daisey Jones, President of IDO. “In addition to internships, we want to help people network across the community and meet new people.”

IDO also invites non-interior design majors to join the organization and dip their toes into a new subject.

“It’s not just focused on the majors. Although it’s an interior design club, it’s just a general creative club, so we’d love all the help we can get,” said Savard.

Jones and Savard mentioned that they would also like to see changes within Suffolk’s interior design department. Interior design students use software such as Revit and Sketchup to produce models of their designs.

“We need more structure for the program. Going through and learning from systems like Revit and Sketchup, I think we need more guidance throughout the process of our major,” Jones said.

Within the Department of Interior Design at Suffolk, tutoring is available through the Center for Learning and Academic Success. As interior design students learn the ropes of different design software, Jones and Savard said it can be difficult to access help due to a lack of tutors.

“The only people who can teach a subject must have already taken this course. People who have already taken this course don’t want to become tutors, so there is no tutor for Revit, there is no tutor for all these things,” said Savard.

While they want to see a positive change in terms of the availability of tutoring, Jones and Savard also hope that the IDO will become a place where members can access help with any questions they may have regarding their courses.

“A lot of the time what I see in our major is that we help each other out,” Jones said. “There will be at least one person in the group who will know how to do something. So this club is really helpful, because you may have problems with Revit or Sketchup, and someone will know how to help you.

IDO invites new members to join them at Sawyer 829 during activity time on Tuesdays, or follow their Instagram @Suffolk_IDO for more information.

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Virginia S. Braud