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MENOMINEE – The Alliance and Red Horse Parkinson’s Support Group will meet on Thursday, February 17 at the Harbors Retirement Building 1110 10th Avenue Menominee, MI at 10 a.m. The topic of discussion will be Managing Parkinson’s disease in 2022. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive movement disorder that affects both motor and non-motor functions. Parkinson’s disease is the fastest growing neurological disease in the world. It affects more than one million individuals and more than 10 million worldwide and is expected to double in the near future. there are 10 most common signs of this movement disorder.

Parkinson’s disease is not just a disease of the elderly. It is estimated that 4% of people with this disease are diagnosed before the age of 50. A most common question during diagnosis is “What do I do now?” Participating in a support group will provide you with many answers, guide you in choosing local resources, and give you the opportunity to learn and share with others facing the same daily challenges you will endure. Professional speakers will provide assistance to all at each meeting. Participating in a support group will provide comfort, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, and help in dealing with daily challenges.

Succeeding in this battle is not an individual journey, but a victory won thanks to the support of a team of qualified experts. Support groups can help provide the team members needed to make this possible.

Join us and let us help you on your Parkinson’s journey. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Harbors Building unless you are notified of a change. We’ll be happy to add your contact information so you can receive meeting notices and all event schedules.

Our Mission: To be an independent, non-profit organization that regularly provides educational materials and events and support meetings to help build community partnerships to meet the medical, emotional and spiritual needs of the Parkinson’s patient and their caregivers. , provide appropriate care choice regardless of age or age of illness. We look forward to becoming a valuable, visible and vital community partner.[profitorganizationwhichprovideseducationalmaterialandeventsonaregularbasisaswaellassupportmeetingstohelpbuildcommunitypartnershipstoensurethemedicalemotionalandspiritualneedsoftheParkinsonpatientandcaregiversprovidepropercarechoicesregardlessofthjeirageoratageofillnessWelookforwardtobecomingavaluablevisibleandvitalcommunitypartner

We will have masks available for people attending meetings. Bring a friend, your questions, ideas and articles with which we can help you. It is a pleasure for us to be part of your Parkinsn journey. For more information call 906-863-9445 Looking forward to meeting you and sharing a cup of coffee and valuable information.

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Virginia S. Braud