Tinubu Support Group SWAGA Women’s Wing Unveiled –

The South West Agenda for Asiwaju (SWAGA), a support group for ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential hopeful Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has officially launched its women’s wing in the state from Lagos.

The group also asked for five million votes from women in Lagos State in 2023 for Tinubu.

The group’s chairman, Senator Adedayo Adeyeye, said the launch was another indication that Tinubu had edged out other APC presidential candidates to win the party’s May 31 ticket.

The President, who praised the women for their support of Tinubu, assured them that they would not regret the former Governor of Lagos State becoming the next President.

“With today’s event, we are letting other competitors know that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has come far ahead of everyone else in the peloton.

“We are ahead and we are happy that they (other aspirants) are following us. When the primaries are over, everyone should come together so that we can all work for Tinubu’s success.

“With the support of women and the kind of things we have seen across the country, I am absolutely confident and assured that Asiwaju will prevail not only in the APC primaries but also in the general election.

“He will be elected as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” Adeyeye said.

He tasked the newly inaugurated women of SWAGA EXCOS to replicate the same inauguration in polling stations, wards and local government areas to garner at least five million votes for Tinubu in the state.

“In the South West here, we have 14 million votes already blocked for Tinubu.

“We put it in his pocket and he zipped it up and nobody can take it away from him,” he added.

Underlining the importance of women, Adeyeye said, “We cannot do anything without the support of women. We need massive support from women.

He said women’s demand for 35% affirmative action would become a reality with Tinubu leading the charge.

“I want to assure women that given Tinubu’s track record, his presidency will be an era in which Nigerian women will be at the forefront of governance in the country.

“They will be well represented in government if Tinubu is elected president. Women will occupy a place of choice and will receive their due. Great days ahead for women in Nigeria,” he said.

He said that SWAGA had moved north-central, north-east, north-west and everywhere with many other affiliated organizations to mobilize support for Tinubu.

Adeyeye said SWAGA will soon launch the youth wing, craft wing and other wings in all parts of the country to fulfill Tinubu’s presidential ambition.

Regarding the growing number of presidential aspirants in the APC, Adeyeye noted that the group is not afraid, saying, “we started long before the others, they will do a lot of work to catch up and I’m sure ‘they won’t be able to catch up.

“We are confident and we are sure by the grace of God that with the work we have done, Tinubu will prevail,” he said.

National Coordinator, Women for SWAGA, Ayo Omidiran, who noted that women remain critical in politics, said the group was there to mobilize support for Tinubu.

Omidiran, who expressed optimism that Tinubu would give more opportunities to women, said women had done enough to deserve greater representation in governance.

“Tinubu projected women and many people learned from him. He is a lover of women, we love him too. We have to carry him on our back to achieve his dream,” Omidiran said.

Omobolanle Akinyemi-Obe, Lagos State Chairwoman, Women for SWAGA, said Tinubu had encouraged and empowered so many women to earn their support in 2023.

In addition, Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba, SWAGA’s national public relations officer, said the group previously held a free medical outreach where around 700 women were seen by doctors.

In her remarks, the wife of the Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, noted that women remain critical in politics, urging them to obtain their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) to vote, so as to to bring about change for the benefit of their children.

SWAGA presented recognition awards to many women, including the wife of the Governor of Lagos State, the wife of the Deputy Governor, Remi Hamzat, Senator Remi Tinubu, Chief Kemi Nelson, the leader of the ‘APC, some wives of governors and members of the group. .

Virginia S. Braud