Tracing the Presence of Modi’s Cooperative Federalism at National Conferences

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will virtually inaugurate the National Conference of Environment Ministers in Ekta Nagar, Gujarat, as part of a major push towards the spirit of cooperative federalism in the country as part of the his government’s “Team India” approach.

The Prime Minister’s participation in national conferences with an audience mainly made up of policymakers follows his Team India vision, with the collective of the Center and the State working as partners in the development of the nation.

In his address to the nation on Independence Day, Prime Minister Modi called for a “cooperative competitive federalism” where states seek to outdo each other on the development front. “It is the need of the hour that in addition to cooperative federalism, we need cooperative competitive federalism. We need competition in development,” Modi said, adding that states should think about outdoing each other in development.

Modi’s inauguration of the “Centre-State Science Conclave” in Ahmedabad on September 10, his address to the National Labor Conference on August 25, the chairmanship of the first “All India Chief Secretaries” conclave in Dharamshala on June 16 and his participation at the Joint Conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of the High Courts on April 30 are just a few examples of the Prime Minister’s various efforts to realize the vision of cooperative federalism this year.

Covid-19 Review Meetings

The Prime Minister’s leadership and his efforts to ensure that the States and the Center achieve a common goal are perhaps best understood by his timely and regular review meetings on Covid-19 with Chief Ministers during the early waves of the pandemic. deadly.

From March 2020 to April 2022, Prime Minister Modi chaired 20 such high-level meetings to take effective measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The prime minister said the challenge posed by the “once-in-a-century pandemic” could only be met through coordinated action by centers and states. This coordination also proved helpful in the successful implementation of India’s Covid-19 vaccination programme, hailed as the largest vaccination campaign in the world.

DGP-IGP Conference

Similarly, the Prime Minister’s regular attendance at DGP/IGP annual conferences dates back to 2014. The annual conferences, which used to be held in Delhi before 2014, are now held nationwide except for 2020, when he has was organized by videoconference due to the pandemic. The conference was organized in Guwahati in 2014; Dhordo, Rann of Kutch in 2015; National Police Academy, Hyderabad in 2016; BSF Academy, Tekanpur in 2017; Kevadia in 2018; IISER, Pune in 2019 and Lucknow in 2021.

His commitment to developing the national perspective on policy issues by involving both Central and State level stakeholders is also demonstrated in his chairing of seven NITI Aayog Governing Board (GC) meetings during of the past eight years. He also addressed several National Governors Conferences where he emphasized ensuring national development and meeting the needs of the common man.

Its participation in national conferences for improving farmers’ incomes (Agriculture-2022: Doubling Farmers’ Incomes, 2018), farmers’ well-being (National Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, 2016), Indian Labor Labor Conference (2015), women’s participation in parliament (National Conference of Women Legislators, 2016), and other miscellaneous topics involving tourism, culture and sports (National Conference of Women Legislators, Central and State/UT Ministers and Secretaries of Tourism, Culture and Sport), e-Governance (National e-Governance Conference, 2015) and others.

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Virginia S. Braud