Vietnam Cooperative Development Project Helps Promote Pomelo Exports to Canada | Business

Members of the VCED project attend the inauguration of the Ben Tre Green Grapefruit Cooperative Multifunctional Complex

On March 24, Socodevi Organization (Canada) and the School of Agriculture and Rural Development Managers II of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held a workshop to review the Vietnam Cooperative Development Project (VCED) on the theme “7 years – a road to improving the livelihoods of Vietnamese farmers to reflect on the achievements as well as the difficulties that need to be improved in order to support the sustainable development of cooperatives in Vietnam.

Funded by Canada and jointly implemented by Socodevi Organization and the School of Management for Agriculture and Rural Development II, the project contributed to improving the competitiveness of cooperatives through a variety of activities such as the training of farmers, strengthening governance, upgrading equipment, marketing, branding, and others.

The project has rolled out five new large-scale cooperatives, including Ben Tre Green Green Pomelo Cooperative, Evergreen Ninh Thuan Grape Cooperative, Don Duong Dairy Cow Cooperative, Evergrowth Dairy Cow Cooperative, and Thanh Binh Cooperative Dragon Fruit. Among them, Ben Tre Grapefruit Cooperatives, Evergreen Ninh Thuan and Thanh Binh Cooperatives were selected to participate in the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Project 167 on “Selecting, Improving and Reproducing Cooperative Models effective new style in the localities of the country”. in the period 2021-2025′.

Vietnam Cooperative Development Project helps promote pomelo exports to Canada ảnh 2 The plant is invested with preliminary processing equipment to create added value for the grapefruits
Vietnam Cooperative Development Project helps promote pomelo exports to Canada ảnh 3

As a result, the cooperative is not only proactive in production and standards, but also proactive in terms of the market and aims for a circular economy – a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit business, society and the environment. to ensure a closed production process that does not pollute the environment.

The project succeeded in increasing the competitiveness of these cooperatives in many aspects such as management capacity, brand building, development of domestic and foreign markets, construction of factories, production equipment, compliance with international standards to move towards the completion of the agricultural value chain.

Launched in 2015, VCED is a project funded by the Government of Canada through the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada, which contributes to improving the livelihoods of men and women in an equitable and sustainable way, through the development of agricultural value chain in the new model of cooperatives. . The project has directly improved the livelihoods of more than 8,000 households and trained more than 500 young people on the cooperative model and entrepreneurship according to this model. In addition, 100 young employees were trained as future cooperative leaders.

On the same day, the VCED project helped the cooperative to create a website to create and register the trademark protection “Pink grapefruit girl” for fresh pomelo products and fruit juice products . Thanks to the project, the pink pomelo from the Ben Tre Green Pomelo Cooperative arrived on the shelves of supermarkets, greengrocers and a juice company in Canada in August 2020.

The Socodevi organization has also guided and formed a sense of production in the direction of safety, being respectful of the environment, helping to reduce costs, increasing the quality of green pomelos. More and more farmers have registered to become members of the Ben Tre Green Grapefruit Cooperative over the years. The cooperative has also partnered with a number of other agricultural cooperatives using input services such as Chau Binh Agricultural Cooperative and Tan Thieng Ornamental Seedlings.

Since then, the Ben Tre Green Skin Grapefruit Cooperative has played an important role in guiding, supporting and leading other agricultural cooperatives in the province and the economic development of farmers, making an important contribution to the establishment of the brand of green-skinned pomelo. In addition, the cooperative has invested in a juice processing plant, extracting essential oils from pomelos.

By Thanh Hai – Translated by Anh Quan

Virginia S. Braud