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Telebank offers personal loans of up to € 20,000

Fast answer

We give you an answer to your loan request in less than 24 hours from receipt of the request and, if it is viable, we transfer the amount of your loan to your bank account within 48 hours from the receipt of the signed documents.

Simple Steps

We offer personal loans from € 1,000 to € 15,000 with the possibility of extending to € 20,000 depending on the customer’s payment behavior. The repayment period is from 12 months to 72 months (6 years) and we have a 60-day cancellation guarantee, so if the client wishes to return the money within that period, he would not have to pay the payment. interests of any kind. The price is fixed for each product, regardless of the quantity or the term.

Flexible Loan

Flexible Loan

At Telebank we listen to you, we take into account your needs and we find the best solution. We do not limit the purpose of your loan. You are free to choose!

We currently work with 2 types of products:

  • Personal Loan: aimed at financing any need
  • Loan Plan: aimed at financing specific projects and requires justification.

The loan plan presents very advantageous conditions for our clients: Fixed price depending on the purpose (Studies, Travel, Car, Electric Car, Solar panels …) with a TIN from 3.99% APR from 4.06%. It also has no opening commission or cancellation fee.

Our process is 100% digital, so since the client sends us the documentation, in a maximum of 48h we give definitive answer and we proceed to the disbursement.

About the bank

Telebank AS – is a quite experienced and successful organization founded in Estonia in 1992. The Bank specializes in the provision of term deposits and consumer loans. It has subsidiaries in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain and Sweden. These days Telebank is among the leaders in loans to people in the territory of the Baltic countries, as well as among banks and leasing companies.

Thus, the company offers quick loans and deposits in the Baltic countries, Finland and Sweden, as well as personal loans in Spain.

The company has earned prestige status – the entity is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid and in the Bank of Spain Bank and Bank Registry.

In addition, he joined the Spanish Association of Financial Institutions as an Associate and was also granted the online Confianza seal, which certifies compliance with security standards and responsibility in the provision of services over the Internet.

Telebank is willing to offer personal loans up to € 20,000 and is characterized by a series of advantageous features, particularly efficiency. Consider your request within one day, and if a decision is positive, the amount appears in your bank account within two days from the time of filing.

To get a loan, you do not have to be a Telebank customer or go to another bank. You can easily request a loan of up to ten thousand euros for a term of 6 years.

In Telebank there is a flexible system to work with clients, loans are granted for any purpose.

Another interesting feature of this bank is an online assistant on your website, which does not occur at each site.

The terms of the loan vary depending on the amount of the loan desired. In general, the amount of the loan in Telebank can be from five hundred to ten thousand euros. If your desired sum is more than six thousand euros, you need a guarantor or co-owner. The interests depend on the data you have provided. Loan period from six months to five years.

Requirements to the applicant: To apply for a loan from Telebank, it must be from 20 to 75 years old, have Spanish nationality or a valid residence permit in Spain, and also correct payment behavior.

The process of applying for a loan in Telebank is very simple and does not differ from other modern banking institutions. It is only necessary to fill out an online form. In addition, the application can be left on the phone or by mail.

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