Weekly Organization Spotlight: Geology, Geography and Environment Club

SRU’s Geology, Geography, and Environment (GGE) Club provides social and educational opportunities for GGE majors and those interested in the field.

“I would say that the GGE club is mostly grown out of the department itself,” said club president and senior Jessica Crandell. “There’s a lot of trying to recruit new majors and hire current majors.”

The club organizes traditional meetings where students discover the professions of the department, as well as outdoor activities and seminars.

“We like to have fun events where we go camping or have parties and bonfires at the ski lodge,” Crandell said. “There are a lot of different avenues for this semester…We’re also hosting events with speakers and getting people talking instead of just having alumni come in and talk about the jobs they got with their degree.”

The group usually meets every two weeks, although the students’ schedules have been busy. There will therefore be only one official meeting this semester: a workshop on obtaining internships in the GGE field.

Meetings currently take place in the Advanced Technology and Science building. However, the location is uncertain. The classroom where the meetings originally took place is now a planned engineering lab. The department was forced to move much of its equipment.

“Our department hasn’t been watched much by the administration, and I feel that as a student,” Crandell said. “A lot of professors are approaching retirement age and it doesn’t seem like they are looking to hire new ones… I think we need an overhaul of the department. I’m a senior, but I don’t want it to fall apart for the people behind me.

Virginia S. Braud