Women’s cooperative to export 2 tons of linden

RİZE – Demirören News Agency

Members of the women’s cooperative operating in the Black Sea province of Rize’s Pazar district, which received two tons of lime tree orders from Saudi companies, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, started to harvest.


“We tried to reach all linden growers in Rize with the arrival of linden harvesting season,” said Sevim Taşkın, the head of the cooperative, noting that very good cooperation started after the reception. of the order.

“In their research across Turkey, they determined that the best linden tea is found in Rize. There is a high demand right now,” Taşkın said.

“We have finished harvesting our own lime trees, now we are traveling and harvesting with our team to help those who share their lime trees with us,” she said, adding that they were working in a mobilization to fulfill the order.

Hopefully we will reach two tons together, she added.

The quality and biological character of the collected teas will be determined by having them analyzed, according to Taşkın.


“As Rize, we are now trying to stand out with linden tea. Our goal is to introduce the collected linden trees to the market first in Saudi Arabia and then worldwide,” said Neşet Çakır, Director of the Pazar Chamber of Commerce.

The women of the cooperative are working feverishly to harvest the requested lime tree, according to Çakır.
“They are trying to reach all linden growers in the region,” Çakır said, adding that everyone is involved in fulfilling this order.

“We try to collect it in time, dry it and prepare it for export,” said Suzan Kanberoğlu, one of the linden harvest participants, adding that as soon as they received the order, they entered into a very intense rhythm.

“There’s a lot of support, we’ll get through this working together,” she added.

When the news of the export broke on social media accounts, there was intense support from across the province, said cooperative member Gülden Diloğlu, noting that the women were trying to collect their lime trees and deliver to them for the order.

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Virginia S. Braud